MaxLend Review

“Loans to paydays,” “Money to paydays,” “Payday Loans,” that’s what people call microloans. And these names best describe the nature of such loans. Often, they are taken for urgent or unforeseen expenses, given the fact that they can pay off the debt in the near future.

One of these organizations is MaxLend. In the case of turning to its services, your application will be considered as quickly as possible. In fact, all credit organizations that provide similar services take 15-20 minutes to consider a request from a potential borrower. This is followed by an instant crediting of the indicated amount to the borrower’s bank card.

If this company worth your attention, let’s see.

  • APR – 471.78% – 841.45%
  • min max loan amount – $100 – $2,500
  • max loan term – 6 – 12 months
  • number of states – 36 states and Washington, D.C.

How MaxLend Works?

The Max Lend loans service is quite simple and understandable to any user. The site interface is not overloaded with graphic elements. The design is dominated by pleasant shades of different colors. On the main page, there is a modern animated picture, on the rest – clearly structured information, divided into blocks.

The Max Lend payday loans calculator on the start page allows you to calculate the cost of an online loan for a specific date and go to the registration application form.

Here, the client needs to correctly fill in all the fields, attach documents copies, and tax identification number.

These conditions are necessary to identify the identity of the borrower and the security of the credit transaction. The company guarantees the confidentiality of personal data of all customers and uses innovative ways to protect information.

Working process

Everyone can clarify any details around the clock by calling the hotline number or sending a message in the feedback form.

MFI representatives are impolite and can’t correctly answer all the questions concerning conditions and incredibly high interest rates.

Feedback on MaxLend reviews is mostly negative on various online resources. Customers note the low quality of service and non-favorable credit conditions.

Marketing tips of the company

The difference between Max Lend from a bank loan is that to purchase a quick microloan online. You will not need to collect a whole set of documents.

Maxlend uses attractive promotions for new and existing consumers, holds raffles of valuable prizes, which are often timed to major holidays or certain dates.

Also, users of Max Lend payday loan services have access to special lending terms using promotional codes. The company distributes these unique character sets to existing borrowers. Information on current promotions is available in the corresponding section on the official website.

This operation is possible only if the citizen has a valid ID card of the USA.

Naturally, you will be given money, even if you do not have a certificate from the workplace, a certificate of proof of income, or other hard-to-reach documents.

MaxLend Services

  • Payday loans. This option gives an opportunity to the borrower with bad credit history to lend cash at a high rate of interest on the agreement that it will be repaid when the borrower receives their next paycheck.
  • Installment Loan. Its main criterion is the issue of any goods with deferred repayment without additional commission. When buying something in installments, you need to return the money for the purchase in installments over a certain period.
  • Auto Title Loan. An auto loan is a loan secured by a car or another vehicle.

MaxLend Loan Requirements

The eligibility criteria for MaxLend typically requires you:

  • Live in a state serviced by MaxLend
  • Have a regular source of income
  • Have an active checking account
  • Have a state-issued ID or driver’s license
  • Have a lien-free car title (for title loans)
  • Are at least 18 years old

Required documents

In order to complete your in-store application successfully, you need to provide the following documents in most states:

  • Proof of income
  • A recent checking account statement
  • A personal check
  • A state-issued ID
  • Lien-free title (for auto title loans)

Is MaxLend Legit?

According to numerous proofs provided on the web page of the company, it becomes clear that this lender is 100% legit. However, being a member of the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA), it doesn’t stop MaxLend from gaining multiple complaints on an everyday basis.


In general, our MaxLend review states that this service is very convenient, and the provided loan products are acceptable for new and existing borrowers. However, we can’t say that their interest rate, up to 900%, the possibility of prolonging the contract, ongoing promotions, and bonuses make online loans profitable and affordable for consumers.

Another minus of the service, perhaps, is the need to thoroughly recheck the contract conditions again and again as not to be scammed. This nuance is not particularly liked by users. There are measurements that allow you to avoid various fraudulent schemes from third parties but not from employees themselves.

There are no doubts why MaxLend is not popular and not in demand among Americans. This microfinance organization has established itself as a non-reliable and non-stable lender, as evidenced by numerous negative reviews on various thematic portals and forums. Its main disadvantage is no customer focus.

We hope that once MaxLend will improve the quality of its services, delight customers with pleasant offers, and prosper!


  • Time to change your mind
  • Credit score monitoring
  • Rewards for returning customer


  • Limited availability
  • High APRs
  • Multiple fees
  • Not available in all states
  • Not transparent
  • Multiple complaints


Is MaxLend a Payday Loan?

MaxLend is a company that offers short-term cash solutions to the needed citizens. One of their services is payday loans.

Does MaxLend check your credit?

Yes, they do, but this credit score check doesn’t impact the final decision.

Does MaxLend report to credit bureaus?

No, they do not report to traditional bureaus. Their aim is to help customers with bad credit history to improve it.

How much can you borrow from MaxLend?

Depending on the service you want to choose, you can get from $100 to $2,500.

What are MaxLend’s rates?

Its APR is 471.78% – 841.45%. Detailed rates should be checked directly from Maxlend’swebsite.

What is the estimated funding time for MaxLend Loans?

As a rule, MaxLend provides cash approval in less than 60 minutes. In case your card is active, and you have met all the requirements, MaxLend will transfer money in about three business days.