LendUp Review

Want to borrow $250 or less in only a few weeks? Are you uninterested in conventional payday creditors and seeking out the excellent way to lend cash? In that case, you might consider LendUp, an internet lender that offers online payday loans without the need for a loan check.

However, is LendUp a really better choice to a conventional credit taken from a financial institution? See what Lend Up offers, how much its loan expenses, what are the advantages and downsides of coping with the company, and whether or not its service is legal in our fully detailed Lendup review.

  • APR: 30.00-180.00%
  • Min max loan amount: $100-$1,000
  • Max loan term: LendUp offers short-term fixed-rate loans that range roughly from $100 to $250, payable in seven to 30 days, depending on the laws of the state in which you reside. In many states, LendUp.com also offers credit-reporting installment loans from about $500 to $1,000 and payable in six to 12 months where available.
  • Number of states: 7

Brand Story

LendUp’s co-founders are stepbrothers Sasha Orloff and Jake Rosenberg. Through faculty and early jobs, they went separate approaches. Orloff worked in client credit and then venture capital at Grameen bank, international bank, and Citi.

Following an internship at sixteen, Rosenberg has become Yahoo! employee #80 and stayed for more than a decade, before becoming a member of Zynga as a platform CTO at 29.

Within the summertime of 2011, Orloff requested Rosenberg to join him to found LendUp. They sought to resolve issues with the monetary services enterprise, which Rosenberg claimed might be solved via technology.

Is Lendup legit?

Despite the fact that numerous documentary proves of the company’s legitimacy, we can’t deny another fact. Such giants like PayPal and Google Ventures, and others would never invest in an unreliable project.

The startup pronounces socially useful dreams: the small loans it offers will assist people to enhance their credit score rating. In addition, LendUp attempts to train its clients and conducts a web direction on the right coping with personal finances.

LendUp looks to be responding to client complaints. The corporate conjointly has positive reviews within the type of client video reviews on its web site. These reviewers could have attained LendUp ladder points as compensation for their feedback, LendUp reports of its disclosures.

Thus, we are able to say that LendUp is 100% legit firmly.

How Lendup works?


LendUp is a direct loaner with small amounts, short-term unsecured loans designed for emergency cash or making ends meet. After you begin with LendUp, you’ll be able to opt for a loan amount and loan term from 100 to 250 US dollars and from seven days to 30 days. You can only get one payday advance online loan at a time. They’re almost like loans that you could have seen, known as online loans for bad credit, installment loans, direct loans, personal loans or cash advances.

LendUp loans online service permits you to receive and repay short-term microloans directly in your browser window or from your smartphone screen.

The startup focuses on customers with poor credit history. To assess the trustworthiness of a possible receiver, the corporate uses data from social networks.

A system of rewards and incentives was developed for borrowers – the LendUp Ladder. For the repaid loan and also the recommendation of the service to friends, the shopper receives bonus points, that are reborn into additional favorable conditions. You’ll be able to conjointly earn points for taking free online monetary skill courses on LendUp.com.

Climbing the steps, you’ll be able to earn the standing of a “golden” consumer, permitting you to borrow up to $ 500 with an overpayment of $ 50 and also the standing of a “platinum” shopper with a limit of $ 1000 and an overpayment of $ 100.


To get a LendUp loan, you need to be a minimum of eighteen years old and be a legal resident of the US.

To apply, you need an active account, a phone which will receive calls, and a valid email address. You’ll be able to apply from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Make sure that you are using a secure web connection and not public Wi-Fi so your personal data can’t be simply taken, then embody your name, address, social insurance number, date of birth and mobile phone number.

You also ought to give data concerning your employment and financial gain. Then the appliance asks for your accounting number and bank route number for the account on that you would like the loan to be deposited.

You will then ought to answer some security queries, kind of like those that you will have to answer once applying for a previous loan or credit card or once requesting a replica of your credit report.

You can get a LendUp loan without a loan or bad credit. Rather than checking your credit report, LendUp will use information from 2 major information providers: LexisNexis Risk Solutions client Center and Clarity Services. If you provide proof of financial gain, LendUp won’t create heavy credit cravings, thus applying for a LendUp loan won’t injury your credit rating.


The company aforementioned it needs to form higher alternatives to predatory loans; however, LendUp really doesn’t provide borrowers much lower rates than payday loans, at least not initially. On their homepage, it shows an example of a loan of $ 200 for fourteen days with apr 384.25% concerns an equivalent as 390% per year of a typical payday loan.  

Pros and Cons

– No credit check required.
– Payment flexibility options.
– Fast funding.
– Young startup.
– Available in a limited number of states.

Final word

According to numerous Lendup reviews, there is a common mind about this payday loan service.

With LendUp, you can get loans that will be submitted to credit bureaus and help you build a good loan (provided that you pay on time), but this means that you are a regular customer with interest rates that may increase.

LendUp loan may be an excellent alternative to conventional credit. After thinking about options and weighing the expenses, you can decide that taking a LendUp loan is your great choice.