Check Into Cash Review

Check into cash – a monetary services distributer with over 1,200 stores in thirty states. The corporate was based in 1993 by W. Allan Jones in Cleveland, Tennessee, where today’s headquarters are placed.

The company offers a large variety of services that we will investigate in this fully detailed Check into cash review.

  • APR:250%
  • Min-Max loan amount: $100 – $1,500
  • Max loan term: 31 days
  • Number of states: 30 states

Brand Story

Allan Jones based CheckIntoCash in 1993. From that point, the corporate has fully grown to a national leader in direct loaning, providing customers with cheap, short term, small-dollar credit solutions.

In 1973, at age 20, he left faculty, where he had been following a business degree, to help stabilize the family’s business, the agency of Cleveland (TN).

He purchased the reporting and debt assortment business in 1977 and engineered it into one amongst the biggest agency databases in Tennessee.

He sold the credit reporting aspect of the business to Equifax in 1988, retaining the name and assortment agency division. He then designed the corporate to be the biggest within the state and sold it in 1998.

CheckInto cash has fully grown to become one amongst the best payday loan corporations within the united states, with over 1,200 locations.

Is Check into Cash legit?

If not turning to the official documentation to which we have no access, we can say that one of the biggest companies providing top-quality customer service and convenience, both online and in-store can’t be illicit.

It is notably clear that being illicit dealing with financial products, such as payday advance and cash loans, that are also available online in a number of states is totally impossible in such country like the USA.

What is more the fact that says about the company to be 100% legit is that Check Into Cash is a commencement member of the Community Financial Services Association of America, that sets best practices standards for its members within the payday advance business.

So, it is for sure that the company functioning from the year 1993 can’t be illicit.

How Check into Cash works?


Check Into Cash provides its customers with a variety of verified services like secured loans and alternative monetary operations. However, not all the services are accessible to citizens from completely different states. Prior planning to take a loan, make sure the service you’re looking at is offered in your state by checking on its web site. The corporate we are observing here remains growing. Therefore the services accessible in your state could change on a daily basis.

  • Title loans. If you own a car, you can use the title as collateral for a secured loan, which allows you to borrow more when you need it.
  • Installment loans. Check Into Cash offers installment loans to residents of Colorado, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, and Wisconsin.
  • Line of credit. Lines of credit allow you to borrow as much as you need whenever you need it.
  • Check cashing. You can cash almost any check onto a prepaid debit card or cash.
  • Reloadable prepaid cards. Check into Cash provides prepaid debit cards through Visa that you can reload.
  • Sell gift cards. Sell your gift cards, even ones that have been partially used.
  • Cell phone minutes. Check Into Cash offers residents of some states no-contract phones. Most major carriers can be reloaded in-store.
  • Money transfers. Some stores now have Western Union money transfer services.
  • Flex loans. Open-end loans, that act as a renewable credit line, are available for up to $2,500.


The required data to deal with the company doesn’t vary from similar services:

  • Bank account, 
  • email address, 
  • phone number, 
  • US citizen or permanent resident, 
  • ages 21+

Required information:

  • Your name, date of birth, Social Security number and driver’s license number
  • Your residential address, email address, and phone number
  • Details about your employment status and income
  • Details about your bank account


Check into cash fees are as follows: loan fees starting from $15 to $79.

These loans are meant as a short-term supply of credit. However, if you calculate the annualized percentage rate of these fees, you get rates starting from 261% to 782%.

If you would like more time repaying the loan and fee, extra fees and interest rates are added on, creating the full paid back price considerably more than the initial amount borrowed in the first monetary operation.

If you’re late repaying the loan amount or the check comes back with an insufficient funds notification, Check Into Cash has an Extended Payment plan.

It is like the one offered by cash Central, except it incurs interest at a constant rate till you pay back the initial quantity and extra fees.

According to Check Into Cash reviews, if you still don’t repay your loan amount, your account could also be turned over to a third-party assortment company, touching your credit score and presumably incurring even additional fees on top of the amount that has already been borrowed and charged.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Fast Approval
Educational Materials
Simple Repayment
Fees that can be lower
Possible Additional Fees
No Longer Term Options

Final word

There are no doubts that Check Into Cash are professionals of the industry. Their working approach and desire to be the best on the market can be felt in every part of their stores.

The only negative is that their fees could also be inappropriate for a few individuals they supply their services to. For example, whether your loan isn’t repaid fully throughout the initial term, additional interest rates, penalties, and charges can still accrue till the loan is paid in full.

Thus, borrowers ought to thoroughly weigh the pros and cons before turning to the corporate.

But still, we are able to say that it’s a decent possibility for small-dollar loans whether you’ve got firm ability to repay your loan on a subsequent day or inside the prescribed term.