AceCash Express Review

What is Ace Cash Express? Ace Cash Express credit is a company from the USA, which is a serious player in the microcredit market. AceCashExpress will help out those who are in dire need of cash. If there are delays in wages, there is not enough savings for the purchase of equipment or a trip abroad, contact a financial broker.

In Ace Cash Express, a loan will be issued without any questions even to those who were denied cooperation in banks. Non-working people, retirees, students of high schools have high chances of getting finance. A negative rating will not be a reason for rejection. Relations with borrowers are built on a trust basis. Previous delays will not spoil the opinion.

AceCash Express give negligent borrowers three days of “reflection” after the payment date , for which you can safely pay in full or at least pay off the interest. If this is not done, fines are charged, including for this “grace period”.

This company is also famous for so-called “Ace Cash Express scams” and other issues we’ll talk about below.

  • APR – 209.62% – 890.4%,
  • min max loan amount – from $200 to $5,000, 
  • max loan term – 36 months, 
  • number of states – 23

How does Ace Cash Express work?

  1. To receive Ace Express loan on a card, you must have an account in the Ace Cash Express system. After filling out the questionnaire, you will get access to your Personal Account, from where you can apply for loans and repay. 
  2. In the application form, it is necessary to indicate the name, personal details, identification number. 
  3. Indicate your Visa or MasterCard payment card number. The whole process is held in 30 minutes. 
  4. Before issuing a credit for a card, the service checks a new client using a scoring system. As part of this procedure, a request is sent to the Bureau of Credit Histories, and personal data on open sources on the Internet are also checked. 
  5. The check helps to determine solvency and set a maximum loan limit. 

The average duration is up to 30 minutes. This operation allows you to make sure that the payment instrument with the specified number really exists and is not blocked. 

To get Acecash loans in the amount from $200 to $5,000 on a bank card, you must confirm the operation. 

For this, a special code is required, which the system sends via SMS to a mobile phone. If, after submitting an application, you change your mind about taking a loan, simply do not enter the code on the website or click Cancel. 

AceCash process features

On many services, in order to receive Internet credits to a card, it is necessary to fill out detailed questionnaires every time – regardless of the number of requests. 

In the AceCash Express system, all data is stored in the Personal Account, so you do not need to specify them with each subsequent Ace payday loan online. If you have already taken a loan, simply log into your account and fill out the application, indicating the amount and term. 

Immediately after paying off the entire amount, you will get the opportunity to apply for a new credit on the card. In your personal account you can see the amount of debt, control the maturity, apply for renewals and pay loans online (including using accrued bonuses).

AceCash Express Loan Services

AceCash loans are products consisting of three main options: payday loans, installment loans, and lines of credit. We’ve already mentioned that the amount you can borrow via these services is about $200 – $5,000. But largely this sum will depend on your living state laws. To get an idea what products are able in your state, what is the APR and amount you can lend we recommend open AceCash’s website and enter What It Costs page.

  • Payday loans. The most common service that also may include cash advances. The amount to borrow depends on the state you live.
  • Installment loans. This offer enables you to lend between $200 to $3,000. However, if you want to take more money, AceCash loans have the Choice Loan. With it, you can borrow up to $5,000.
  • Lines of credit. An option that enables you to feel more flexibility with your credit. It also makes you avoid paying interest on the funds you don’t use.

While at Ace Cash Express store you may see other services and products available:

  • Checking and savings account from MetaBank
  • Bill pay
  • Business check cashing
  • Personal check cashing
  • Prepaid debit cards
  • Prepaid mobile phones
  • Money orders
  • MoneyGram money transfers
  • Tax services

AceCash Loan Requirements

Here is what you need to provide for a loan (installment loan requires more information described on their website):

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Social Security number
  • Email address
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of a bank account

For an auto title loan (additionally):

  • Your car’s lien-free title 
  • Your vehicle in for an inspection.

Is AceCash Express Legit?

Mainly this question arises after people see reviews claiming that this borrower is a fraud and its products are a lie. However, not looking at numerous non-transparent operations with your account this corporate is legit.

It is easily checked by entering their website and looking the licenses they obtained throughout their working life.


We tried AceCash Express on our own and can say exactly that this service doesn’t worth your attention. Is Ace Cash Express safe? No, it isn’t.

What we came across are various issues with Ace loans customer service, whose employees couldn’t explain us clearly several questions concerning high interest rates and numerous scams that people describe in their reviews.

We recommend you to see this corporate for a clear vision how the MFI shouldn’t be and go for another trustable offer. This option could be reviewed only in emergency situation


  • Time to change your mind
  • Credit score monitoring
  • Rewards for returning customer


  • Limited availability
  • High APRs
  • Multiple fees
  • Payday loans don’t help you build credit
  • Not available in all states
  • Not transparent
  • Multiple complaints


What is Acecash Express?

Acecash Express is a direct lender that provides cash advances for people in need of money. Services of this company are intended for borrowers who can’t take credit via bank due to low credit score.

Does Acecash Express report to credit bureau?

They do not report to the traditional credit bureau. Vice versa their aim is to help people better their credit rating.

Does Acecash Express do a credit check?

Yes, they do a credit check. But this operation doesn’t have a serious impact on the final decision.

Are Acecash loans safe?

They are safe only for their employees. We don’t recommend you to spoil your credit history even more with these services.